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Spa Packages
Swedish Massage (55 min), Signature Facial, Signature Manicure, Signature Pedicure + Free 6oz Avojuice Lotion
3 1/2 hrs/$199
Spa Facial, Signature Manicure, Signature Pedicure. +Free OPI polish
2 1/2 hrs/$140
Swedish Massage (55 min), Signature Manicure, Signature Pedicure +Free OPI Polish
2 1/2 hrs/$127
Swedish Massage (55 min), Reflexology +Free Tea Travel Tin
1 1/2 hrs/$101
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Body Therapies
Swedish Massage
Light to medium pressure relaxes tight muscles, increases circulation, and reduces stress.
25 min: $42 - $57
55min: $59 - $74
85 min: $95 - $110
110 min: $116 - $131
Maternity Massage
This gentle massage helps relieve stress on weight bearing joints, relieve edema, neck & back pain during pregnancy.
25 min: $42 - $57
55 min: $59 - $74
Deep Tissue Massage
This deeper, firmer therapeutic massage focuses on problem areas with techniques that release chronic pain and muscle tension. Intense, may result in mild soreness.
25 min: $47 - $62
55min: $69 - $84
85 min: $110 - $125
110 min: $136 - $151
Sports Massage
No matter what your sport or activity is, this massage should be a part in the life of any athlete. It targets sore muscles, enhances muscle recovery after vigorous exercise and sports activities by combining stretching, rocking & circulation.
25 min: $47 - $62
55min: $69 - $84
85 min: $110 - $125
110 min: $136 - $151
LaStone Massage
Heated basalt stones, alternating with refreshing coolness of marble stones, heal and revitalize the body to enter a deeper dimension of relaxation.
75min: $102
Riverstone Massage
Our signature massage, using warm smooth basalt stones. Penetrates muscle tissue, melting away tension and stress by persuading even the tightest muscles to relax.
55min: $76 - $91
85 min: $115 - $130
110 min: $142 - $157
Cranial Sacral
Focusing on the bones of the head, spinal column, & sacrum. Gentle pressure techniques help with chronic pain, especially neck & back, migraines, tension.
55min: $69 - $84
Release life's tension. Ancient Chinese foot massage improves blood flow and nerve functioning.
25 min: $42 - $57
Raindrop Therapy
Uses medical grade essential oils applied to the spine to balance the body physically & energetically.
55min: $79 - $94
Aloe and Herb Wrap
Warm aloe/herbal wrap draws out toxins from fat cells, resulting in detoxification and temporary loss of inches.
$72 - $87
Cupping Therapy
Uses suction cups for bodywork ranging from myofascia release to lymphatic drainage and everything in between!
55 min: $69 - $84
Couples Massage
A perfect way to enjoy some quality time together, relax with a friend or a loved one in our Couples Massage Room. Any type of massage can be done in this room together at no extra cost, please request this room when scheduling.
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Skin Care
Signature Facial
This relaxing facial will leave your skin cleansed and refreshed. Experience deep pore cleansing, two masques, massage and creamy moisturizer.
$72 - $97
O2 Lift
This oxygenating, anti-aging facial treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.
$116 - $141
Glycolic Peel
This more aggressive 30% glycolic exfoliation treatment lightens, tightens, and brightens, leaving skin firmer and healthier.
$54 - $79
Enzyme Peel
This milder plant based exfoliation treatment smooths acne scars & fine lines, cleanses pores for oily acne skin, and lightens skin discoloration.
$54 - $79
Image Clinical Lift
Customize your treatments with these clinical lifts to reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and uneven skin pigmentation. Choose from Acne Lift, Lightening Lift, Wrinkle Lift, Signature Lift, and Ormedic Lift ($10 upcharge).
$74 - $99
Non-Surgical Face Lift
Want to take 10 years off your face? This facial is designed to improve skin elasticity, tighten, firm & decrease the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles in the face & neck. A glycolic lift, plant based enzyme, collagen based firming mask and moistening cream.
$97 - $122
Beta Lift
Advanced Clinical Lift with 20% salicylic that dramatically promotes cell renewal, resulting in smoother, brighter, and tighter skin.
$86 - $111
Poly Organic Lift
Exfoliation treatment with 7 organic acids, designed to repair photo-damage and brighten skin tone. Requires patch test 2 weeks prior to service.
$92 - $117
Perfection Lift
This is our most powerful peel; it is a highly effective and advanced treatment of acne, aging and pigmented skin. Depending on your skin, day 1-2 your skin will be tight and shiny, day 3 your skin will be reddish brown in color due to pigment lifting, day 4-5 you will see peeling and on day 6 your skin will begin to heal.
$124 - $149
This facial combines our Signature facial with mild microdermabrasion. Exfoliating diamond crystals treat acne scarring, pigmentation, minor stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.
$89 - $114
LumiFacial Treatment
Cellular rejuvenation through 4 non-invasive LED light wavelengths: blue, red, green and yellow. Treats acne, redness, photo-aging, hyper-pigmentation.
$76 - $101
LumiLift Treatment
Lifting and smoothing. Reconstructs muscle tissue, achieving visible results, restoring facial contour and slowing aging process. Series of 10 recommended, 3 per week.
$44 - $69
DermaPlaning Facial
Dermaplaning is an effective physical exfoliation procedure that creates a more even skin tone, reduces fine lines, removes peach fuzz, and increases the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments. Dermaplaning is great for sensitive skin, but not for those with active acne, and is only performed by our Dermaplane certified Estheticians. We recommend this procedure once a month to prevent the return of dead dull skin.
$89 - $104
Special Event Make-up
Our professional make-up artists create a new look for your special event or evening out.
$27 - $41
Make-up Lesson
A one-on-one lesson in color selection and application technique with our line of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.
$49 - $64
Make-up Consultation
Color Selection to match your skin tone. Service is free
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Hair Care
Your haircut is a big part of your personal appearance; let s help you design something perfect for your individual needs. (Additional charge may apply for flat iron or curling)
Women's Haricut & BlowDry: $37 - $52
Men's Haircut: $22 - $37
Clipper Cut: $13 - $25
Beard Trim: $11
Curly Girl Dry Cuts
Come with clean dry hair; experience a revolutionary technique that sculpts your hair according to your individual curl, look, & style.
Curly Girl Dry Cut: $39 - $42
Enhance your haircut and turn heads with a beautiful professional color service using Redken Color. Each service offers a consultation, application, cleansing head massage, comb out and moisture removal. Schedule a haircut or blow out style as an additional service. Men's Camo Color is designed to naturally blend your gray hair and turn back time in less than an hour. (Additional charges may apply for extra color, or depending on hair density. Some services may require a consultation first)
Color: $62 - $87
Full Foil: $72 - $97
Partial Foil: $62 - $87
Classic Ombre: $82 - $107
Classic Balayage $92 - $117
Creative Color: Consult Required
Men's Color Camo: $27 - $52
Brow or Lash Tint: $16 - $26
Corrective Color: Consult Required
We offer a variety of customized treatments for whatever your hair needs.
Redken Chemistry Shot: $15
Color Fanatic Conditioning: $24 - $39
Malibu Makeover (Mineral Removal): $45 - $60
Curly Girl Deep Conditioning: $24 - $39
PH-bonder: $20
Need a style for a night out on the town or need to just let someone else polish your locks? Add a Blowout Style to any Color Service for the perfect finishing touch. (Additional charge may apply for flat iron or curling)
Blowout Style: $22- $37
Special Event Style: $47 - $62
Curly Girl 3 Step: $29 - $44
To ensure that you and your wedding party are thoroughly attended to, please call to schedule a personal bridal consultation with our wedding coordinator. We require a 50% deposit at least 60 days in advance and recommend a trial run appointment with photos of hairstyles you like, and a photo of your dress, as well as your veil or any hair accessories that you plan to use.
Special Event Style: $47 - $62
Shampoo & Blow Dry: $22 - $37
Special Event Makeup: $27 - $41
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Beautiful Hands and Feet
Signature Manicure
A wonderful treat for your hands with nail shaping, cuticle care, and a rejuvenating hand and arm massage. Followed by your choice of OPI polish.
$25 - $35
Signature Pedicure
Pamper your feet with a stimulating whirlpool bath, cuticle work, nail shaping, callus smoothing, exfoliation and massage of feet & lower legs, followed by your choice OPI polish.
$43 - $53
Gel Polish Manicure
A wonderful treat for your hands with nail shaping, cuticle care, and a rejuvenating hand and arm massage. Followed by your choice of OPI gel polish which is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear color for your nails. Provides strong natural nail protection that keeps your nails looking great for about two weeks. Gel polish removal is $6
$35 - $45
Gel Polish Pedicure
Pamper your feet with a stimulating whirlpool bath, cuticle work, nail shaping, callus smoothing, exfoliation and massage of feet & lower legs. Followed by your choice of OPI gel polish which is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear color for your nails. Provides strong natural nail protection that keeps your nails looking great for about two weeks. Gel polish removal is $6
$53 - $63
Nail Enhancers
The following enhancements can be added to perfectly compliment any nail treatment.
Milk and Honey Treatment (feet): $10
Paraffin Treatment (hands or feet): $10
French Polish (hands or feet): $5
Gel French Polish (hands or feet): $7
Pretty Princess Nails (under 10)
Pamper your little princess with 20% off any nail service
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Waxing Services
Body Waxing
Our waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth. Please make sure your hair is a least ¼ an inch long which is typically 2 weeks growth. Finipil® is also recommended for daily use at home after waxing services.
Bikini Line: $37 - $47
Extreme Bikini: $47 - $57
Brazilian Bikini: $57 - $67
Half Legs: $37 - $47
Full Legs: $57 - $67
Back: $35 - $45
Stomach: $21 - $31
Chest: $27 - $37
Arms: $34 - $44
Neck: $12 - $22
Underarms: $21 - $31
Facial Waxing
If you are taking Retin A or Acutane, facial waxing services cannot be performed. Skin care products that contain glycolic acids or alpha hydroxyl acids must be discontinued 48 hours before the waxing service
Full Face: $34 - $64
Brow: $14 - $24
Lip: $10 - $20
Chin: $10 - $20
Sideburns: $10 - $20
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Cancellations & Late Arrivals
Please arrive 15 minutes before your first scheduled service so you can prepare for your spa experience. A 24 hour cancellation notice is requested for all services. If late, we will accommodate you to the best of our ability, but your service may have to be shortened. All treatment times are approximate.

Gratuity is not included. To show your appreciation to the staff, gratuities are welcome.

Draping Policy
For a massage, you can undress to your comfort level. Some people undress completely and you will be covered with a sheet at all times. Only the specific area being worked on will be exposed.

Return Policy
Within 30 days, any unused item may be returned for a full refund with a receipt of purchase. Any used item may only be refunded at manager's discretion.