Jefferson City Staff

The entire Riversong Staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible quality service in a nurturing and tranquil environment.

Asasiah | Support Team
Ashley | Support Team
Baylee | Support Team
Bri | Advanced Massage Therapist
Chloe | Esthetician
Clint | Senior Massage Therapist
Dien | Advanced Massage Therapist
Ethan | Esthetician, Makeup Artist, and Manicurist
Fairlight | Esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, Manicurist and Makeup Artist
Frances | Owner and Massage Therapist
Gina | Advanced Cosmetologist and Manicurist
Heather M | Expert Esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, Manicurist and Makeup Artist
Jamie H | Support Team
Khayla | Support Team
Karen | Senior Manicurist
Kassie | Master Massage Therapist
Kat | Esthetician
Katie | Master Esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomat, Manicurist, Makeup Artist and Cosmetology Apprentice
Kenzie | Support Team
Kimberly | Massage Therapist
Maddie | Support Team
Madison | Massage Therapist
Mercedes | Support Team
Miranda | Esthetician, Makeup Artist
Sarah | Senior Esthetician, Manicurist and Makeup Artist 
Stephany | Stylist, Manicurist
Tauncy | Jefferson City Manager